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We promote living the "FAT" life with all that life has to offer. What better way than to share a good wine with friends and family!

Fatsolush Winery began as a concept and has been in the making for about 12 years.  The winemaker and owner, Wyatt Gilley, began his love of wine with the purchase of a home winemaking kit back in 1998. 0ver the next several years, he honed his skills as an amateur wine maker with the approval of his friends and family.

Later, in the early part of 2004, after moving back to the area, Wyatt decided to embark on the long journey of planting a small vineyard and growing his own grapes, with the intention of eventually starting a small winery. There was much work to do and over the next few years a lot of learning, mostly the hard way.


Finally in 2014, with the help of his father, Nick Gilley, also part owner and partner in the company, Wyatt was able to start the long process of obtaining the proper licenses and permits required by the state of Texas, as well as purchase the necessary equipment to process and age the wines he creates today. 

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