We currently have four different wines available for purchase. We have a Panzon in the 2014 and a 2015 vintage. They are both made from the Black Spanish (Lenoir) grape and have both been oaked for 12 months, but the 2014 vintage has more ripe tannins and finishes a bit more spicier on the palate, where as the 2015 vintage is a little smoother and more fruit forward.

We have a dry,white wine made from the Blanc du Bois grape which has been oaked for 12 months. We call this Blanc that has been oaked, the Bloak.

We also have a sweet, white, dessert wine made from the Blanc du Bois grape called Fatty McButterpants.


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Coming Soon

We are currently working on a few new wine concepts for release early 2017. 


Blanc Noir will be a blend of a white grape (Blanc du Bois) and a red grape (Lenoir) to produce a medium-bodied, semi-sweet red wine.

CopperMoon Vineyards Estate wine will be the first vintage produced by our estate Blanc du Bois vineyards.

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